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Gravel Filter Kit


An Under Gravel Filter is an excellent accessory for your aquaponic garden. These filters use the aquarium gravel itself as a filter medium, and pull tank water down through the gravel into a chamber underneath. Since water continues to circulate through the Under Gravel Tray, the aquarium gravel doesn’t become anaerobic and toxic, and the wastes can gradually break down to be used by your plants.

Do I need a gravel filter?

If you don’t use an Under Gravel Filter, it is a good idea to use an aquarium “gravel vacuum” siphon to clean out your gravel from time to time, or, if you don’t mind the mess, to simply turn on your pump and stir up the gravel to allow the wastes trapped in it to be pumped up into the garden bed where they can be broken down.

Kit Includes:

  • 20" x 10" Under Gravel Tray 
  • Air Pump
  • Air Stone
  • Clear Airline Tubing