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Welcome to the family! Check out the AquaSprouts Garden Kit and our system essentials! Have a question? Contact us! We're happy to help.

Grow Kit + Essentials

  • AquaSprouts Garden

    AquaSprouts Garden

    Living Desktop Ecosystem

    Stylishly combine your garden and aquarium into a self-sustaining, deskto...

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  • 10 Gallon Aquarium

    10 Gallon Aquarium

    Standard 10-gallon Aquarium

    The AquaSprouts Garden fits any standard 10-gallon aquarium. Don't have...

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  • Lighting Options

    Lighting Options

    Grow Light & Aquarium Light

    Don't have a sunny window to place your Garden near? Add a grow light! ...

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  • Aquaponics Education Kit

    Aquaponics Education Kit

    Classroom Introduction Materials

    6-lesson exploration of aquaponics for 3rd through 6th grade studen...

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Plant Seed & Plant Supplies

Thrive Garden Add Ons

  • Natural Fish Food

    Natural Fish Food

    USDA Approved

    20 grams of high quality .5mm extruded pellet that contains all natural ingredients ...

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  • Water Testing Supplies

    Water Testing Supplies

    Aquarium Testing Supplies

    Unless you live close to a pet store that can test your water, it's not a...

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  • Submersible Heater

    Submersible Heater

    Submersible Heater

    Our aquarium heater has all the necessary features for safe and precise temperat...

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  • Aeration Kit

    Aeration Kit

    Aeration Kit

    An air pump is a great way to perk up struggling fish and give your system a healthy b...

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