AquaSprouts Garden

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Living Desktop Ecosystem

Stylishly combine your garden & aquarium into a self-sustaining, desktop ecosystem. You feed the fish, the fish provide nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water.


Kit Includes: 

AquaSprouts Grow Bed:

The custom-molded, single-piece Garden bed snaps together easily with the supporting legs. Modern matte black design complements a range of styles. Fits any standard 10-gallon aquarium approximately 20" x 10" x 12" (not included). 

Light Bar:

Removable lighting mount allows you to hang a grow light of your choice above the Garden, and can even be further extended to accommodate taller plants. The light bar allows you to use your Garden anywhere, even when there may not be sufficient natural light.

Pump & Timer:

The Garden kit includes a submersible 160 gallon per hour pump and a mechanical plug timer adjustable in 15-minute increments for controlling flood and drain cycles. Both include 1-year warranty.

Grow Media:

Expanded clay grow media replaces soil from traditional gardening and serves as the support for your plants. Porous pebbles act as a mechanical filter and biofilter substrate, trapping fish waste and uneaten food while providing ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and convert the waste into nutrients for your plants. (Grow media does not degrade)