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Lighting Options


Grow Light & Aquarium Light

Don't have a sunny window to place your Garden near? Add a grow light! You can also get a remote controlled LED light for your aquarium & fishy friends. Items sold separately. Please select product with drop-down menu below.


T5 Fluorescent grow lights have high lumen output in any growing environment. Custom black housing combines premium grade aluminum with energy-efficient/high-output bulbs. T5 Bulbs are small in diameter, but are bright and efficient. Average usable life span for each bulb is well over 20,000 hours. Total Wattage - 48W / .45A

Aquarium light employs energy-efficient color-changing LED technology that delivers amazing color and intensity. RGB LED module allows red, green and blue color control for spectacular living art installations. Use the handheld remote to choose one of 16 different color spectrums, adjust intensity and brightness, or choose the fade, smooth or strobe feature from up to 30 feet away.

Product Options:

Grow Light w/ Bulbs

  • Fixture Measures - 23" x 8" x 2" & includes two 24W T5 6400K Fluorescent Bulbs with up to 2,100 Lumens. Includes 4.5' grounded 120V power cord

      LED Aquarium Light

      • 7” LED Light that can be fully submerged into water. Includes suction cups to attach on to the bottom of your AquaSprouts Garden. Comes with a remote control  (batteries included)

      Light Bar Extension  

      • Safely extend your AquaSprouts Garden light bar by 12 inches. Perfect for high canopy or vining plants.