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Story test

When Jack Ikard was in high school, he discovered aquaponics and the boundless possibilities it provided. Aquaponics combines the science of cultivating plants in a soil-less environment with aquaculture (raising fish). Even when he went to college, he continued to nurture and foster his passion for this unique technology.


Realizing the potential to help spread the knowledge of aquaponics, in early 2013, armed with his ambition and a laser cutter, Jack designed and created an indoor aquaponics system that worked in harmony with 10-gallon aquariums. He soon realized that his design was a great way to introduce aquaponics to homes and schools around the world. Subsequently, Jack partnered with a team of designers to nurture his small idea into the sleek AquaSprouts Garden that is available today.


In 2014, AquaSprouts partnered with The Aquaponic Source, a leading U.S. company dedicated to home aquaponic gardening. Their partnership allows AquaSprouts to incorporate world-class educational materials to assist schools using the Garden as part of their wider curriculum.